The Client

Coles Fine Flooring is an established San Diego presence and a locally-owned business that has been serving the community for over 70 years. The company focuses on providing commercial and residential flooring, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodels.

The Problem

Coles Fine Flooring began as a small “Mom & Pop” company in La Jolla in 1947. As the company expanded its locations and services, they also created an online presence for themselves. However, like Coles, web technology evolved and grew and Coles realized its website was not doing them any favors. It was outdated, with giant blocks of text that quickly pushed visitors to migrate elsewhere. Coles Fine Flooring asked the Design Studio team to give their website a fresh new look and feel.

Our Work

The Design Studio team executed a complete redesign of Coles’ website. The old website lacked the elements of a modern site – it was not responsive, had outdated information, and contained minimal graphics and lots of fine print text.

Our team built wireframes from scratch and built out a brand new web presence, including a new Navigation bar for ease of use. Our team took existing content and migrated it to the new pages, making it more scannable in the process. We eliminated the giant blocks of text and created user-friendly paragraphs, complemented by graphics, for a more user-friendly experience. We also worked to update the content in a way that made it more appealing for potential customers.

The redesign went hand in hand with Coles’ 70th Anniversary and was part of the company’s push to modernization. Coles’ formerly outdated website is now modern and sleek. The elegant design works to complement Coles’ mission to provide quality flooring to Southern California homes and businesses. Our team continues to assist Coles by providing routine updates, as needed (not sure if you do this last part, but wasn’t sure how you wanted me to end the study – whether you are still working with the group or if it was a “one time” deal).