caldera spas

Submerge, relax and release.  Stress and tension melt away and you emerge transformed.

Caldera Spas is a premium hot tub brand working to redefine the art and the science of hydrotherapy.


Caldera Spas is part of the Watkins Wellness (owned by Masco Corporation) family of brands. Since 2015, DesignStudio has been helping Caldera Spas with on-demand support for a variety of website maintenance and digital marketing needs.

Releasing stress is an important aspect of physical health as well as having a positive attitude.  It can affect nearly every aspect of our lives – including how well your immune system functions and how well you relate to the people around you. Caldera prides itself on creating some of the best hot tubs in the market and focuses on providing customers with a product that can transform lives through the health benefits of advanced hydrotherapy.

Introducing the new Utopia Series

In 2016 Caldera Spas released a set of new hot tub models in their high-end Utopia Series.  These hot tubs are top of the line and beautiful in every way.  DesignStudio helped to create new product page templates and a new home page for the Caldera Spas flagship website in order to help launch the new product line in mid-2016.

Helping Caldera Spas Dealers

DesignStudio is also helping a number of Caldera Spas dealers all across the country to get their websites modernized. Each dealer is independently owned and operated.  Some of them had been struggling with small local web vendors to build and/or maintain their business websites.  It is important that their websites have accurate product data and a visual appeal that is befitting for Caldera Spas – which is a premium brand in the industry.  So, we have been providing reliable website design, maintenance and digital marketing help to a wide number of Caldera Spas dealers through our affordable Flex Retainers.

caldera web preview