Artisan panels

Artisan Panels is a design & manufacturing firm that specializes in the creation of unique panels.

The company uses laser jets and water jets to cut unique designs into metal and plastic materials. These “panels” can then be used as both decorative and building materials. Artisan Panels started as a company doing precision machine work, but noticed an emerging trend overseas where large building panels were being used in a decorative manner. 

Artisan Panels took that trend and made it their own with the addition of the customized decoration. 

The company’s work can be seen in well-known locations, including at Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.

DesignStudio Meets Artisan Panels

Artisan Panels called on DesignStudio to create a website that was both visually appealing and provided information about the company to entice prospective customers. Our design team was able to create a clean website with simple content and beautiful visuals, all coming together to reflect the many types of product that Artisan Panels offers.

DesignStudio also created a logo and brochure, and helped Artisan Panels created a cohesive “brand” through these marketing assets. Our developers added a blog portion to the Artisan Panels website, giving Artisan Panels an additional way to communicate with its customer base, while providing more information about their product.

DesignStudio continues to revamp and add to the Artisan Panels website.