Who We Are

DesignStudio was founded in 2009 but has roots dating back to the earliest days of the modern internet. Ah, the good old days before tech bubbles and trolls.

We are a reliable and affordable digital creative agency. We have approximately 20-25 in-house employees along with our very own fully vetted creative freelancer network. We like to say that we have "talent on tap" and are ready to take on any challenge.

Meet The DesignStudio Team!

Anthony Matiya

Chief Executive Office and Founder

Mike Martinez

Project Manager

Danielle Lyons

Project Manager

Allison Pope

Project Manager

Nick Marsh

Web Developer

Miriam Roper

Web Graphic Designer

Mike Browning

Product Data Manager

Charles Bordeaux

Marketing Manager

How We Work

We are a full-service digital creative agency with brick and mortar offices and plenty of in-house talent. This year we launched the DesignStudio Creative Network and now also offer email and portfolio hosting to freelance creatives all around the world.

When you hire us, you get access to both in-house and freelance talent. This ensures that we have immense capacity for work and can bring a wide variety of skill sets to bear on any given project.

Wanna Join?

We are growing in leaps and bounds. Aside from the in-house careers that we are creating, we are also connecting freelancers from all over the world with clients who do not always need an agency solution.

We also have a simple and lucrative referral program which offers a strong incentive to anyone who can send new business our way